Roasted Meats

We always have hot rotisserie chicken, marinated chicken breast, and grilled tri-tip on hand.  Plus you will find specialties like Italian Porchetta and grilled salmon. There’s nothing like a rotisserie to bring flavor to meats.

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Hot Roasted Meats

BBQ Pork Ribs1/2 lb.$7.25
Chicken Apple Sausage1/2 lb.$6.75
Marinated Chicken Breast1/2 lb.$8.95
Spit Roasted Chicken$7.50 lb.
Spit Roasted Chicken, White Meat Quarter$5.00
Spit Roasted Chicken, Dark Meat Quarter$4.25
Diavolo Chicken Quarter$5.95
Peking Chicken Wings1/2 lb.$5.95

Cold Roasted Meats

Corralitos Ham1/2 lb.$8.50
Marinated Chicken Breast          1/2 lb.$9.25
Tri-Tip1/2 lb.$13.50
Roast Turkey Breast1/2 lb.$8.80
Grilled Shrimp1/2 lb.$16.25
Grilled Salmon1/2 lb.$17.75

Available by Special Order

Diavolo Chicken                              1/4

Prices and selection subject to change.