Hot Pasta & Entrees

Our steam table is a smorgasbord full of casseroles loaded with cheesy pasta dishes, enchiladas, steamed vegetables, twice baked potatoes-plus an ever-changing array of hot dishes.  It’s yards of comfort food.

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Egg Croissant
Egg Croissant with ham
Egg Croissant with bacon
Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Burrito with bacon
Individual Bacon or Veggie Quiche
Irish Steel Cut Oats
Fried Egg Sandwich with Bacon
Fried Egg Sandwich with spinach
Fresh Corn Frittata
Breakfast Biscuit with scrambled eggs & ham
Breakfast Biscuit with scrambled eggs
Smoked Chicken & Apple Sausage1/2 lb.

Hot Entreés, Pastas & Sides

Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas (wheat free)
Polenta Casserole
Twice Baked Potato
Penne d'Alba                   1/2 lb.
Spinach Gorgonzola Pasta                   1/2 lb.
Macaroni & Cheese                   1/2 lb.
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes                   1/2 lb.
Veggie Sauté                   1/2 lb.
Soup (determined by the chef of the day)
price varies

Prices and selection subject to change.