Party Trays

Any event will be a success with Gayle’s Party Trays.   For a wedding reception, business meeting or just a Sunday football get-together our party fare is beautifully arranged and tastes fantastic.  Let us do the work for you and really enjoy your next get-together.

Want more than party trays? Choose from one of our Party Packages or create your own menu by selecting a combination of goodies from our entertaining brochure. Pick and choose from our savory entrees and sides, or seasonal salad and sandwiches to create the perfect mix. You can even build a party around our nightly blue plate menu. Call or come in and talk to one of our party advisors. We can help you decide what to serve at your next gathering.

Limited delivery available for a fee with a minimum order of $200.00. Please call us at 831.462.1200 for more information.

Antipasto Platter
Generous portions of sopressata salami, proscuitto, smoked salmon, cubed cheese, grilled asparagus, marinated mushrooms, assorted olives and pepperoncini
12" Tray (serves 10-15) $75.00
16" Tray (serves 20-30) $100.00

Asparagus or Ham Feuillette
Bite-sized squares of puff pastry filled with fresh aspargus or Corralitos ham layered with jarlsberg & jack cheese and creamy bechamel sauce.
16" Tray (32 pieces) $70.00

Savory Cheese Puff Tray
Bite-sized cream puffs flavored with basil, cheddar and parmesan cheese, stuffed with herb & garlic cream cheese.
12" Tray (50 pieces) $45.00
16" Tray (100 pieces) $85.00

Spreadables Tray with Crostini
Select Red Pepper Cashew Spread, Hummus or Truffle Mousse Pâté to use as a topping on our crisp, savory crostini.
16" Tray $35.00

Colorful Crudité Tray
Crisp vegetables and a tangy dill dip beautifully arranged on a tray. Includes broccoli, cauliflower, red & green bell peppers, mushroom caps, carrots and celery.
16" Tray (serves 10-15) $85.00
18" Tray (serves 20-25) $125.00

Party Sandwich
A tall dome-shaped sandwich cut into layers and filled with tarragon chicken salad, egg salad, Corralitos ham & Swiss cheese, cucumber and herb cream cheese in alternating layers.
64 tea-sized sandwiches $75.00

Onion Tarte Tray
Squares of rich custard flavored with sweet caramelized onions in a flaky crust.
16" Tray (30 pieces) $50.00

Mini Mushroom Turnover Tray
Rich, flaky pastry filled with a blend of mushrooms, onion & thyme.
45 pieces $50.00

Sandwich Sampler Tray
Miniature versions of our favorite sandwiches. Select two types per tray.

Grilled Vegetables with red pepper cashew spread on an olive francese roll.

Petite Egg Salad Croissant, an old fashioned favorite.

Petites Chicken Salad Croissant, our seasonal chicken salad generously stuffed in a croissant.

Salami & Swiss with the thinnest slices of lemon on an olive francese roll.

16" Tray (24 sandwiches) $100.00

Mini Ficelle Sandwich Tray
Twenty-four mini ficelle sandwiches garnished with pickles and olives. Choose two types from our seasonal menu.
16" Tray (24 sandwiches) $75.00

Grilled Vegetable Tray
Marinated & grilled asparagus, artchokes, golden squash, zucchini, red bell peppers, mushrooms & red onion. Accompanied by a roasted garlic artichoke dip.
16" Tray (serves 10-15) $85.00
18" Tray (serves 20-25) $125.00

Cheese Lover's Tray
An assortment of cheeses for nibbling and spreading. Creamy brie, a variety of cheddars, goat cheese, jarlsberg, fresh mozzarella and other imported cheeses.
16" Tray (serves 10-15) $85.00

Meat & Cheese Platter
Corralitos ham, Molinari salami, Gayle's own roast beef and turkey breast, accompanied by Danish havarti with dill, Swiss and Monterey jack cheeses.
16" Tray (serves 10-15) $95.00
18" Tray (serves 20-25) $125.00

Gayle's Own Condiments
A perfect accompaniment to our meat & cheese platter. Our homemade mayonnaise, mustard butter, tomatoes, pepperoncini, sliced cucumbers, dill pickle, lettuce & sprouts.

Breakast/Brunch Pastry Tray
A delectable selection of petite croissants, mini bear claws, petite chocolatines, petite pain d' amande and petite danishes.
18" Tray (serves 15-20) $50.00

Coffee to Go
A handy recyclable box of our hot French roast coffee, along with cups, sugar, half & half and stir sticks.
Twelve 8 ounce servings $28.95

Classic Cookie Tray
A delicious assortment of our current selection of cookies & specialty desserts.
16" Tray (serves 20-25) $65.00

Sinful Dessert Tray

Rich chocolate mousse cups, seasonal mini tartlettes and mini chocolate eclairs.
16" Tray (serves 10-12) $85.00

Disposable Place Settings
Sturdy paper dinner plate, paper dinner napkin with a white plastic fork, knife & spoon. (Minimum order: 10 sets.)
One Place Setting $1.00

Download our Entertaining Brochure for terrific party planning ideas.


Selections subject to change.