Breads & Rolls

Joe Ortiz isn’t the world-famous author of the 1992 book, The Village Baker for nothing!  Our breads are legendary for their authenticity and flavor.  With crusty crust and tender, chewy interiors they satisfy every taste.


Challah Sandwich$4.25
Challah Twist$4.25
English Toaster Bread$3.95
Carpo's Seeded Baguette$3.95
Francese Seeded$3.95
French Loaf$3.50
Jewish Rye$5.50
Muesli Bread$5.50
Organic Joe's Bread$6.50
Organic Joe's Muesli Rye(Friday & Saturday Only)$6.50
Late Bake Rustic Baguette$3.75
Olive Capitola Sourdough$5.50
Organic Capitola Sourdough Baguette*$4.15
Organic Capitola Sourdough Round*$5.25
Organic Capitola Sourdough Sandwich*$5.25
Organic Late Bake Sourdough Baguette*$4.15
Organic Late Bake Sourdough Round*$5.25
Organic Pain de Campagne*$3.95
Pumpkin Seed Bread (Thursdays only)$5.50
Raisin Nut Rye Loaf*$5.95
Raisin Swirl(Friday, Saturday & Sunday only)$4.95
Rio Baguette$3.75
Whole Grain$4.75
Wholesome Wheat$4.75


Francese Bun$1.00
Herb Cheese Roll$1.50
Raisin Nut Rye Roll*$1.25
Olive Francese Bun$1.25
Pumpkin Seed Roll$1.25
Butterflake Rolls$1.60/
$9.50 six pack/
$16.95 doz

For information on purchasing bread wholesale, visit our Wholesale Bread page

*Certified organic by CCOF

Prices and selection subject to change.