A European-style Express Bar inside Gayle's of Capitola

Gayle’s on the Run

If you’re in a hurry, go to our Express Bar.  It’s a great option when you just need to pick up a quick morning pastry or baguette for dinner and be off. It’s like a small European Bar/Coffee Shop/Café, and it offers the best Take Out food in Santa Cruz County!

No need to take a number if you’re getting your take out food at the Express Bar.

Gayle’s-To-Go, in the Rosticceria, has a huge showcase stocked with
• entrees
• complete dinners
• sandwiches
• salads
• soups
• side dishes
• dressings
• spreads

Gayle’s Express Bar is terrific for when you just need to pick up something quick and be on your way. For yummy fast take out food in the Santa Cruz area, Gayle’s is hands-down the way to go!