Danish, Muffins & Croissants

These pastries are what Gayle’s became known for back in 1978.  Flaky and buttery are the words that come to mind.  Some are filled with tart fruit, some with dark chocolate, nuts and caramel.  Each one hand made with love.

Danish & Muffins

Christopher Buns$3.50
Strawberry Cream Cheese Danish$3.25
Raspberry Pastry Cream Danish$3.25
Orange Buttercrunch Roll$3.50
Bear Claw$3.25
Marionberry Turnover$4.25
Morning Glory Muffin$2.95
Bacon Cheddar Scone$3.50
Mushroom Turnover$2.25


Kouign Amann$4.50
Raspberry Kouign Amann$4.95
Croissant d' Amande$3.95
Downtowner with sugar$3.25
Garlic-Cheese Twist$3.25
Ham & Cheese Croissant$4.75